Thursday, June 23, 2016

Lonely Teardrops - Jackie Wilson

This is the sophomore LP by soul legend, Mr Excitment himself, Jackie Wilson. I have a confession, I only ever heard of him because of the stupid Jackie Wilson Says track by Van Morrison. But hey, that caused me to look him up. Well that and the fact the Isley Brothers samples the "say you will" from Lonely Treadrops for Shout. But in the short number of months I've been a fan, I have listened to a huge chunk of his discography.I'd go as far as saying that I think he's phenomenal and really can make most anything great.
  1. Lonely Teardrops: Opening we get a heavy fucking hitter. By that I mean a solid fucking track. I love this song and its so great to sing along with. Jackie's so fucking good here, he just transcends this track. While lyrically its somewhat shallow (or rather just not really realistic), he's just so good you don't notice. A doo-wop classic, a doo-wop masterpiece. 
  2. Each Time (I Love You More): This is not as powerful as the opener, but none the less it's a solid doo-wop tune. With some great vintage 30's or 40's sound choir I could imagine in a Christmas song. Plus another great singing performance from Jackie. Also I'm kind of a sucker for that piano progression. While some I think are good, but more in the just because I'm a sucker for doo-wop, this is a solid and nice track. Like I can't think of any that have a chorus behind the singer that harken Christmas record (old school stuff as mentioned earlier).
  3. That's Why (I Love You So): A much more lively song than the last. I really like this progression, it's got some nice horns and some pretty solid performance all around. And it's about two minutes long so it doesn't overstay it's welcome. While I love How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You by my hero Marvin Gaye, it's a bit long. This is great and sweet and simple and the perfect length.
  4. In The Blue of the Evening: I had to laugh a bit, the second this started I was like this is very old school Sinatra feeling. Well I looked it up and it was originally by the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra with some vocals from Frank Sinatra back in August 1942. This is actually a really great tune and I want to check out the original afterwords. A great crooner tune and really nice vocal jazz number. A shame I don't see it more often when I listen to vocal jazz albums, there are some standards that I don't think are as good as this tune. Who knows, maybe it is and I just didn't look hard enough. I like this arrangement a lot. Also I should mention that organ and saxophone...... top notch. There are the songs I love to sing along to.
  5. The Joke (Is Not on Me): The song has great performances from the baking vocals, and has a nice swing to it. Actually the structure reminds me of maybe a rewrite of Quarter to Three. The thing is this is a bit less "exciting", that don't mean it's bad or worse (though I perfer Quarter to Three). This has a great guitar solo in the tune and this album is surprising me with it's variety. Not just in the songs, but the styles and takes. 
  6. Someone to Need Me (As I Need You): Classic doo-wop and you know it is more than welcome. I love the, dare I say (cuz I might be wrong in my phrasing or word), tremolo strings. I mean it's a doo-wop tune, and it's a really good one. I don't think I can say much more than that, other then fucking great arrangement. They really made this thing sound big.
  7. You Better Know It: This is a pretty solid soul tune, while it sounds like any other Isley Brother/insert soul artist from this time period, I still enjoy this. It's fun up beat and harmless. It isn't cheesy like some other songs (Another Saturday Night - PS I love that song) it's just nice you know. This also kind of reminds me of Tutti Fruti. I still dig this tune though.
  8. By the Light of the Silvery Moon: The horns here are muted, and it give this that vocal jazz feeling. Like the other kind or one of the other kind. I could see this song being in a musical and the chorus sounds really good with him. Like really they compliment him. There are times I listen to the chorus and I don't like it, Ray Conniff Singers *cough*, but they really work good here. This is a fun song, incas I didn't make that clear. Also that band that comes in and plays the tune behind him.... nice :) PLus I love that accordion thing at the ending.
  9. Singing A Song: That intro made me feel lik this was taken from a musical. Actually I could see this being in a musical if I'm being honest. I you're not snapping along to this song.... I don't even know. It's pretty fast, but the little calls of the instruments and the whole thing. Pretty tasty. I think my favorite part is the chorus where the strings come in. Damn this things great. It's really well constructed and I just wanna listen to the strings.... damn.
  10. Love Is All: See, how can you hate him? listen to the way he sings. This is very soothing and I feel like Ray Conniff would be infinitely better with mister Wilson.
  11. We Have Love: I don't know why, I just love these numbers. I also think it's perfect not every song is like this, but these are the stand outs to me a bit. Like there is something in this type of soul where it touches my soul. This is also very well put together and just great.
  12. Hush-A-Bye: This is kind of an appropriate closer to the album. It's soft and very smoothe and has a very old feeling to it. Like that Sintra feeling as mentioned earlier. This feels like it's the ending and I don't really know what more to say than that. It's good.
Overall I have to give this album by Jackie Wilson an 8/10. This is great, really check it out. It goes by fast, and there is enough of a variety to keep you interested. Plus once you start to dig his vocals, he's really good bru. To be completely honest I'd have this entire album on my iPod because these are all songs I'll revisit outside of the album. Really there is more substance here than on most rock or metal albums I've been revisiting that I loved years ago, or ones that I've heard recently. To be honest I could see this being even higher rated in the future. Oh also hats of to mister Dick Jacobs for his great orchestration and direction. This whole thing is just so fun and great check it out.

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