Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Drug In Me Is You - Falling In Reverse

It's funny how I've done the other two and not this one yet. I mean I've had this on CD since the day it was released, so I don't know why it took so long to do this thing. Maybe cus it was already out, who knows. What I happen to know, is the fact that this is the debut studio album by Falling In Reverse. Now when it comes to music you can't judge it by a persons personality. If you did that Dick Jagoff wouldn't be rich. I feel like I'm always backing up Ronnie, even though I probably shouldn't. I hope you picked up on the key words in the sentence. Does this thing hold up, and can I look past the nostalgia.... let's find out.
  1. Raised By The Wolves: This opens the album and is a pretty solid opening. It gets you kind of excited, and I remember I was pretty pleased when I first heard it. I think it still stands up as a solid tune. I really like the electronics and the what could be programmed drums :D but I think it works. While I could see this bothering people, I think it works here. It's a pretty decent song and isn't too poppy or lame or whatever. I like the keys on this and funny ETF name drop. The only part I'm not on full board with is the whole, Guillotine "quote".
  2. Tragic Magic: I remember going back and forth with this track. I though it was okay, but then I'd think it was dumb and stupid or pointless, then back to okay and so on. Okay, now off the bat I kinda cringed and this song doesn't really..... This is kinda of the other side of this record. Shit. I mean like it isn't terrible, but I just, I won't ever listen to this song again to put it clearly. I get, lyrically, where he's kinda coming from I guess. After all he was locked up in da klink for a few years. Also classy lyrics.
  3. The Drug In Me Is You: This is the title track, and when it came out I was hooked. I remember listening to this thing about 100 times. I was obsessed with it. Now it's 5 years later, so I have to see if it "holds up". I mean, it isn't terrible. I think it's an easy listen and doesn't really bother me like the last track. It's decent enough.
  4. I'm Not A Vampire: Ewwww, this tune. You know I only kinda liked this song at first but it kind of only grew away from me. I mean by the time the music video came out I was done with it. It's kind of a stupid song and I think more of a filler. Also the singing on this kind of bugs me. Like Another track I'll never return to again. I mean the solo's nice, but I can here solos better and far more intresting on other albums. It's kinda neo-classical influenced but really Jason Becker, Yngwie, Symphony X the list goes on and on.
  5. Good Girl Bad Guys: Ewwwww. This song is kind of cancer. It's not as cancerous as say anything on Hate Me, but the only thing that's okay is the solo. But again there are much more memorable solos and cooler ones on other records I've heard. Montey even made more memorable solos, like I can't remember this even after just hearing it.
  6. Pick Up The Phone: This is another song I can now say is kind of crap. Really I kind of don't get why I liked this so damn much. I mean they have a phone in here, and they did try some attempts at novelty (?) I don't even know I just really and kind of irritated a bit to be honest
  7. Don't Mess With Ouija Boards:  This ain't half bad, and is kind of a Gulliotine cousin. But then when I revisit it, the click that was once there is no longer there. I think the best part is the double time, maybe if you could call it that. The solo is nice, but that transition from the solo after the verse...... Ewwww. Then the sort of breakdown. I'd rather listen to Pray for Plauges.
  8. Sink or Swim: I feel like this is supposed to be deep, but never once did I find it deep. I guess another song that comes and goes, I feel nothing really. I guess the one part where it changes styles is okay.... kinda.
  9. Caught Like A Fly: At one point I'd cry during this song, how fucking shallow I was. Actually I can't really even listen to this carnival barker until that part. How could would it be if there was a solo, that fit, in the beginning of the song. The piano part doesn't hit the same way it used to, all though I guess it's not half bad. The slower parts. If only there was a spanish or acoustic guitar playing along to that part.
  10. Goodbye Graceful: This isn't terrible, it's okay. Decent solo, other than that just okay. I just kinda want this to be over.
  11. The Westerner: This is essentially the grown up more mature fleshed out Day I Left The Womb. This still is a song I like and have to say is a solid track. I still think it's got the use of auto-tune to help and not criple the song. While I'm not as in love as I once was, It's a decent song.
Overall I have to give this album a 5/10. So does this album hold up years later. I know DIYLF is still awesome, I still enjoy dat shit, but diz shit..... I don't really know. Well I know how I feel,  as clearly expressed above,  but like what caused it. Maybe my tastes evolved over time. I am grateful for this record though, I learned I need to step up my soloing and make them more memorable and interesting. 

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