Monday, November 21, 2016

Outlandos d'Amour - The Police

Today I have a very easy, simple review to do here. This is the 1978 debut album by The Police, the UK's best at mixing Reggae and Punk and also new wave. This cover I have is the original UK version, and while I prefer the US version, it is what it is. For the longest time, I've considered to one of my favorite albums of all time. I actually don't have much to say about this album other than I hold it dear to my heart and it has memories for me. Now not all memories are good, and can often be debunked. That made no sense, point is let's see if this holds up.
  1. Next to You: Opening we get a solid number with some nice drums. This is a punky feeling song and has such a catchy chorus its so good. I love the drums in this track and think everything about this track is a great opening to get you excited for this record. It sticks with you and the track slows down a bit for the solo, which sounds out of the Joe Perry playbook on like Draw the Line. The transition back into the drums and the sing works very well and the song goes by quite fast. Great opener. 
  2. So Lonely: Great great tune and a favorite of mine. I love the guitar tine and can inky imagine how it sounds in vinyl. The drums are solid and the sort of ska feeling is great. I fucking love this chorus and I can't tell you how engraved in my memory this song is. The second it started I was like fuck yes. I love the little touches and the lead during the verses. The harmonies are great on this and so far there batting 2 for 2. Another great solo. While maybe not as good as the last, there are parts that are great in this one. And once it picks up and is in the feeling it works and the bass you hear. Also I wanna say that two seconds of harmonica actually is a nice touch. I know its super short but I think it works. The breakdown is very nice and I love how Gordon is joined by other members. It feel like an angry teenager who is lonely and mad because of it. 
  3. Roxanne: The, some could say, over played hit by the group. I myself have over played it, and haven't actually listened to it for a very long time. I mean I still love this and it is also engraved in my consciousness but I think the reggae beat and the laugh at the beginning works very well. The lyrics to me work very well and I almost picture someone playing on the streets singing to or about his lover who works the streets. The baseline in this is also freaking great and I love how its on their two 8ths on the first two of the 1. Does that make sense. I hope its in four four and NY math is correct. I don't know and don't care. I fucking give this song. 
  4. Hole in My Life: This song may not be as good in my opinion as the others but us a great change of pace. I love the vocals on this and they works very well. The reggae beat and the punk vibe to the drums. Is this actually ska, correct? I really like the chorus and I love that bass tone. This actually kind if reminds me a but if The Beatles on say...... Revolver. I don't know why, or exactly what song but if you read this and hear The Beatles in this track let me know. This is a very well constructed song and I live the piano in the track. I am glad it want just done straight you know, they add to the sings and have it grow. The bass reminds me a but of Zappa's 80's bands but also Macca on a later Beatles record. I ale love the ending a great thing I didn't expect. 
  5. Peanuts: This always made me laugh a bit. Like what the fuck. I actually really dig this drum beat and I like the sort if proto-Synchronicity feeling to this. This is also one of my favorite songs by the band. I love how everything sounds together and it is like a sped up version or a faster version if the track mentioned. I also love the noise that is the solo. Honestly, its freaking great. I wonder if Frank came in and played the solo for this. Kinda reminds me of Zomby Woof a bit. Its pure emotion. The electric piano/synth on the track is something I forgot about but I'm glad its there and I really like that part, though it doesn't do much. And I love how I get exactly what I wanted at the ending. Chaos, though is wished they guitar came back. 
  6. Can't Stand Loosing You: This is another song I've listened to so many times I might do legit review without even listening to it while I do it. Originally I dug the song, but now looking back i find a humor to it. Where it was once, kind of dark I have grown to have a dark sense of humor since those initial listens. I really like the sharp guitar on this track and find the lyrics to be humorous. I also love the catchy chorus and it comes and goes quite fast. 
  7. Truth Hits Everbody: I really dig the riff to this song and this this is a nice change of pace. While its nothing completely different it kinda has a different vibe than the other tracks. I really like the harmonies on this and love the new wave feeling. Its a rocker. 
  8. Born in the 50's: This is another rocker, but more of a rocker. This has a bit of nostalgic I'd assume for the band. The song its self is just okay, one of the weaker songs. I do think again though its welcome as a change if pace. Its a lighter type of track without such sharp guitar. It isn't that different than Can't Stand Loosing You, with that in mind. 
  9. Be My Girl - Sally: I like this song and it kind makes up for the last track. The guitar intro is awesome and the bass accompanying it works very well. The vocals in the beginning are okay and it isn't anything on here you haven't heard really. But what I like about this track id the weird as spoken word thing that I wanna say comes out of nowhere. I like that piano in there, and it takes you by surprise. Its got this weird ass feeling to it, but I won't say who sally is. Then the sing fades back in and you just laugh now that you know the who Sally is. This ends with a weird shriek and is fitting to come before the instrumental track. 
  10. Masoko Tango: Closing is an instrumental that time has only done this in its favor for me(?). That's not proper English, but who fucking cares. While there are vocals I don't know if its actually anything. The bass on here is phenomenal and the drums keep the beat very well. I really like the guitar on here and this has a odd feeling to it. There's also these swipes of effects that come and go in different places. Almost like sped up/reversed feedback. I like how it kind of gets drowned in the effects almost as the song progresses. The effects wouldn't sound out of place in Revolver. I really dig this track and live the drums and that weird ending that fades out. 
Overall I have to give this classic at 8.5/10.  I think this holds up and is a really fun and simple record that is worth checking out if you haven't heard it before. Solid record and really good.

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