Saturday, August 6, 2016

Revolver - The Beatles

Fifty years ago today, the seventh Beatle studio album was released in the UK. This is the often looked at as the sequel, or part two, of Rubber Soul. While I can sort of see that now, I still think it's great in its own right. None the less this was the last album they toured for, and only played I believe one song or two off the record (the rest required too much studio trickery to do live). I can't really think of much more to say about the record, other than lets review this thing.
  1. Taxman: Opening the album, we get George's ode to Tax Collectors. A pretty  funny song, and I love the guitar and beat to the song.  I love the little double time parts Ringo plays and I love the backing "oh Mr heath" (or whatever they say). The vocals on this are great, and I think this a pretty strong track that packs a punch. This has a tasty solo and I still like it quite a bit. 
  2. Eleanor Rigby: When I first heard 1, the compilation that introduced me to the band after Across the Universe, I skipped this song. The reason was because I was seriously afraid of it. Now when I listen to it I think if all the times I heard it playing video games, bit I also hear a song that has some gorgeous string arrangements. It's a very sad and lonely sing, for a very sad and lonely woman. If my ears are correct there's viola, violin, cello and maybe contrabass (could be wrong, but hopefully my ears are right). While it's kinda repetitive, I still think it's a really cool idea for a really cool song. #ExperimentationIsKey
  3. I'm Only Sleeping: This has a very dream like quality to it, very laid back and stream of consciousness feeling. By that I feel like, even with the backmasking (used correctly this time) add to the dream quality. I also love that acoustic guitar in the track, I also love the bass pops. This is a solid tune and one of my favorites off the record. I also love the weird noises, which were backmasked as mentioned earlier. 
  4. Love You To: The second song on the record to be written by George. This song has a very raga influenced sound to it. It opens with some sitar and could actually add to the dream like feeling from the last track. I really like the rhythms on this track a lot, and like the vocal effects on this track. I doubt its only sitar, but there is some great sounds on this track. I'd love to hear a isolated version of each instrument for this track. I know sitars can have that sustain, or are supposed to rather. I also love the percussion on this. I also dig the double time at the ending g, or at least the pick up in tenpo at the ending. 
  5. Here, There and Everywhere: This is a sweet Paul McCartney tune. You can tell because its very pop like, and he's singing it. The guitar on this is so sweet and the harmonies are so fucking great. There's a dream like quality to this, but its more of a romantic dream feeling. Like what it's like to be in love and I love the arrangement here. I could easily see this being played on strings and horns but work quite well without them. Finger snaps a plus. 
  6. Yellow Submarine: I don't really feel I need to talk about this song, but I will. I really like the acoustic guitar on this track. It was written by Macca for Ringo and I love the sound effects. While I feel like, oh its this song, I still get kicks on the occasional listen. Plus, damn they really did a great job with all the effects on this thing. Honestly, listen to the non guitar, bass, drums or vocals (Ringo/harmonies) in the track. I wonder how long that took to do. 
  7. She Said She Said: This song has a bit of a punch off the bat and it has some nice acid rock guitar on it. I also really like the bands tone on the track, we get some great sounds that make it a bit more trippy, and the bass sounds great. Plus that's some solid drumming from Ringo. The vocals work well here, and I like the part that changes. I like this but I have to be in the mood for it I guess. Also the ending where it kinda speeds up a bit, I really dig that. 
  8. Good Day Sunshine: This is sunshine pop, I guess. I like the upbeat feeling of this, but for whatever reason it isn't as sunny as I feel it should be. Like if its sunshine shouldn't it be super bubble gummy. All though I love the piano work on this track. I like how the drums add a bit more punctuation to the vocals. I also really like the harmonies especially at the ending and I like the hand claps. And I appreciate that sort of loop at the end, that's really short. 
  9. And Your Bird Can Sing: This is another track in the vein of She Said She Said, all though it's more fun to listen to. Again a killer bass line and some great drums. Though in the mix they seem to be a bit more buried. I like the hand claps, they are a nice touch. And I love the riff to the track a lot. I love the bass tone though, its like an electrified upright bass without the finger hits as audible. It's nice and fast and works quite well here. 
  10. For No One: This is a bit of a baroque pop number. I really like the harpsichord on the track and its a gorgeous song that I could very easily cry to. I have heard this song a million times but that trumpet still gets me, I know its coming but I still love it. Paul feels very much like he's singing a Paul song. I think the only thing that could have made this possibly better is maybe strings towards the ending. It's still a solid track though. 
  11. Doctor Robert: I like this song, but I also feel like its kinda filler. I mean there are a number of songs that give you what this song gives you on the album. I still like the whole Beach Boys thing in the middle, but I don't fully see the point of it I guess. But what that said its still a solid acid rock tune. And I do dig the bass and organ during that one part. I also want to point out, that guitar is weird. I mean throughout but still. Kudos for getting that in a pop record. 
  12. I Want to Tell You: Another George tune, but I still dig it. This is more in the vein of say Good Day Sunshine. It's a pleasant track. I like the ending fade out, but I've kind of described what I like about it elsewhere. It's a fun song
  13. Got to Get You Into My Life: This is a great time, great bass line and great horn section featured. I could almost see this, if done slightly differently, being on a Motown album. Maybe something like Away We A Go-Go. This has a fun feeling and while it's kinda bare for how large it could be, I think it works. I also love the guitar tone on this thing. It's great. The ending is also great. 
  14. Tomorrow Never Knows: opening with a sitar drone, followed by what sounds like a drum loop with some snare. I really like the drums on this, but I'm pretty sure it's a loop. Like outside of the vocals, I'm pretty sure everything is tape manipulations. Now that's not bad, there's a great solo that is backmasked and the song keeps you interested. I mean some sounds do repeat, but I'd still pick this any day over.... Well a lot of stuff to be honest. I also bet this was fun to do when recording it, considering how this was the first time they played with tape really. I also like the thumb tack/honky rink piano at the ending. I never heard, or remember hearing, that before. Great ending and great prelude for what was to come next. 
Overall i have to give this album a 8.8/10. This is a Beatles record, so its inherently great. Well not always, but you know what I mean. They were lucky enough to not really make a terrible record, even when people fucked with the music. But this is a great, exciting record with a lot of interesting sounds and ideas. While I don't think it's perfect or mindblowing, I do like what's on the record and recommend it along with all the other Beatle records. 

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