Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Macho Man - Village People

I am almost half done with my reviews for these guys. They only released 8 albums (and one studio/live album) and I've already finished three (this being my fourth). This being the second album by New York's Disco legends the Village People. Released in February 1978, this would be followed by their biggest hit and most famous tune on the next album Crusin'. This album is notable for having the "classic" line up in full form. This album is an album that baffles me a bit, I don't get what two of them are supposed to be, be even more so this has one of the funniest songs to me, the title track. "Every man whats to be a macho man", I guess I'm not every man :D. But this is one of two album not on Spotify, so it took a few months of looking to finally acquire a copy, even thought I stumbled upon, purchased and gave a vinyl copy to my cousin as a joke. Then two months later or so, stumbled upon another.
  1. Macho Man: This song not only has a hilarious promo video, its catchy as hell. Seriously, genuinely listen to the song and it'll be stuck in your head. That chorus is so fricken epic sounding, how could it not be. The breakdown section where it vaguely reminds me of Prince and Lady Cab Driver. This song is... Why do people like Y.M.C.A. and not this. It's so much better. It's so much cornier and this is pure cheese. Like really, watch the fucking music video and try not to laugh. But regardless of anything, I do dig this song. I think it's got a great rhythm, very fun to sing and you can dance to it. It's kinda what pop/dance music is supposed to be. It's also so fucking big, I mean I'm listening to it now and picking up on shit I didn't hear before, it's almost too much. But that "too much" also kind of makes it all that much... it earns it a place in my heart even more. Plus try not to laugh at those ad libs at the ending. It's solid and fun and worth a listen or ten, and really harmless.
  2. I Am What I Am: This song flows from the last, and I think the segue is pretty nice. I mean I don't per say like this song, though maybe it could be cut a bit shorter, but that's not implying I hate it. I like the bass, but I also feel like this song feels a bit rushed. Like I almost feel like the track is sped up a bit. I think if it wasn't so fast it would maybe work better, but then again I don't really know. It could also be that there's a disconnect from the last track. I also feel I should mention this aspect of the song, this is a song that lots of homosexuals took to heart as a "I am what I am, why be ashamed". While Willis may have said it was written for anyone, not solely homosexuals, I don't think it matters. The message of a song is still in the mind of the listener. South Park did a great episode about this. The kids wrote a book to be as gross and fucked up as possible, and the adults though it to have deep messages and fit them to their views and perceptions. I mean that's the subtext or part of the subtext, people also find meaning in meaningless things, but I still think that's a point. Now stupid rant later, who really cares, You Are What You Is and you shouldn't be ashamed. I liked that sentiment, but this song.... I don't know I don't think it's as good as the last. I do really like the instrumental part of the song, I like the arrangement. It's overall I don't think this is as good I guess. 
  3. Key West: The opening could remind you of the opener, but then they have this clavinet that I really dig. This song is pretty solid off the bat to be honest, I don't think it's great great but fun. Also I guess the location of the song is a big hot spot for gay people, back then. I don't know why but these ad libs are ridiculous, you could look at this as a proto-Go West. It's not quite there, but it's almost there. Much in the same way Village People wasn't, the track just missed the spot. All thought I do like the kind of variety in the song structure. I dig the saxophone and I like the bridge section of the song, it's pretty nice.
  4. Medley: Just A Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody: If I remember incorrectly The Time did a cover of Just A Gigolo. I mean that isn't saying much of the famous Irving Berlin song, but I think of Morris Day when I hear this title. There is also a Bowie flick where he's in it and it's title Just A Gigolo from 1978. Now when this song opened I was a bit shocked, I could believe that it has a piano roll. Also I'm not sure if Victor is singing lead on this track. It doesn't really sound like him, but the disco feeling of this track isn't half bad to be honest. This really isn't half bad and it's kind of a great way to add variety to the record. The horns on this, while I mean I'm not blown away, I really am having fun and enjoying myself with it and that's all you can ask for this type of album. The songs work together great and I know they are sometimes done together, but who the fuck cares this just works. It's kinda great, in a laid back way (for the group at least).
  5. Sodom and Gomorrah: I wonder if this is about anal sex? Or rather, gaynal sex..... ahahahahahahahah, get it. This continues that sort of sonic laid back, and change, over the rest of their catalog. I mean it isn't revolutionary and it tells the story in the bible of Sodom and Gomorrah. I'm a bit boggling, because I don't think on a record thats to appeal to the gay community, to have a bible song. :) I mean if I have children I'll definitely play this song for them in bible school or whatever, maybe I'll do a cover. This song is a bit of a mind fuck to be honest, like I really can't make heads or tails but I do like what I hear so hey it ain't half bad.
Overall I have to give this album a 7.5/10. This is so far, the most consistent and best over all record by the group. I mean if it wasn't so fun it'd probably be more of a 6.5, but it's fun and worth a listen. I'll definitely be revisiting this. Now I wanna say I do these Village People reviews because I think these guys are fun. I need to point out, the music is average overall but it's not trying to be that serious. There is tons of people who try to be fun, have an image, and be in general like able and they fail miserably. These guys have a charm to them that, yeah you can say they're gay (which I think only two actually were) but does that matter. I mean who the fuck cares, it's fun music and I feel like if someone was hung up on the "gayness" they're missing out. On another note, I once read a review that mentioned something about Liberal in the review of this album. I think it's time for next review Phil Ochs in Concert (not really, but maybe).

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