Sunday, August 7, 2016

Brand New Morning - Bob Seger

This is the first solo album by American singer/songwriter Bob Seger. Released in October 1971, this is his fourth overall album, the first three being by The Bob Seger System. This is an acoustic album and its one of the early records he seems to not really like. I know everything I've heard from this period I like, so lets hope this is as good as the others.
  1. Brand New Morning: This song opens pretty interesting. I mean if you'd hear him before, its odd to hear him with an acoustic guitar. Now I do think the vocals here are great and I like the up feeling of the song. I mean this is a pretty simple song, but it works. And this sets a feeling that this might not be that bad of a record. 
  2. Maybe Today: This opens with him playing piano, and for whatever reason this reminds me of Cold Spring Harbor. I like what I'm hearing, I mean it isn't as grand as some of those songs, but its pretty bare. I do think this works here though and 2 for 2. I like the vocals and damn that guys doing a great job on piano. 
  3. Sometimes: This is a ballad, with acoustic guitar. This isn't anything to write home about, but I do like it. For whatever reason I could picture Cat Stevens singing this. Maybe it's late, and I've got a buzz, but I can see that. I guess the only complaint is I wish it wasn't so sparse. Like the song gets louder, I wish there was a bass or percussion or piano. Something to add an extra texture to this specific song. 
  4. You Know Who You Are: Alright, maybe I'm a sucker for this CSH sound, but I really kinda wanna cry. I mean this is kinda sad, and I really like the song. Though I do really appreciate how the song gets uplifted. This is a solid tune and I like the changes. 
  5. Railroad Days: This song has a nice acoustic feeling to it and I like how it could be a folk tune. Like I could very easily picture this, maybe with some different instrumentation, being a song that the rail road men would play on their banjos or whatever while they were on break. The only real complaint is the guitar kind of over powers stuff, and when he sings with his soul its muddy. I mean I'm listening to a vinyl rip, but I wish it was clearer. But then at the same time then it'd lose some of the atmosphere. I don't know, maybe turn the volume down a but would fix the problem. It does feel a little long. Maybe cut a verse, but I still like it. I get why it became popular after he blew up. Plus I feel some chord progression similarities to Still the Same? Maybe I'm wrong, but who knows. 
  6. Louise: I really like the rock and roll feeling to this song. It's a nice change of pace and I like the foot stomp. It's fun and works so much better than that one song on that one album. *cough* Open All Night *cough*. This is also nice and short and sweet. 
  7. Song for Him: This kinda feels, to me, a proto-We've Got Tonight. I do dig this, and like how its quieter. There is a nice atmosphere to it and it works. The only complaint is it would be so much better if the album wasn't like this.  It gets louder, but whatever.
  8. Something Like: This is a good way to end, and feels like the end. Other than that I've kinda of ran out of things to say about this album if I'm being honest.
Overall I have to give this album a 7/10. Okay, so this things pretty great. Now I read on wikipedia it was compared to Nebraska. These songs are not only better, but they are also far less samey than that fucking album. Check this thing out if you can, I recommend it. If I find it for the right price, I'll probably pick up a copy.  But if I don't then I won't be too disappointed. Hopefully I'll have Pet Sounds, Torture Time!, Born to Run and possibly Blood On the Tracks out this month.

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