Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hardwired...to Self-Destruct - Metallica

So originally I was not expecting to have this done so quickly. I expected it would at least take until January, when I Finish Up Reviews Month. But by the time Moth into the Flame dropped, I knew the albums fate. Not to say I wasn't hopeful, open minded or even kind of desperate, but I'd been down this road before. More times than I could imagine (a plethora of times I don't feel like counting). But then again I didn't like Blackstar's title track at first and TPAB has grown on me and continues to with each listen, so you never know. Okay so this is the long awaited follow up to 2011's Lulu, which the more I listen to that the more I happen to like. There are some people who like to pretend that never happened, but fuck them they suck. Part of what makes Metallica great is that they aren't afraid to try new things, while it doesn't always work out, sometimes it pays off. Now that's really the only thing that gave me faith for this album. That was the thing that kept me going... So to say. This is also the second album to be produced with Greg Fidelman, the first being Lulu. He's also worked on a number of other albums such as Repentless, I'm With You, Unearthed, Death Magnetic, 21, 13 and so on. So out of those aforementioned albums, I can say only one had songs I genuinely think are solid and worth re-visitation, well two including Lulu.
  1. Hardwired: This was the first single that dropped and was released to promote the album. Off the bat this reminds me of Death Magnetic, but the vulgarity reminded me of St. Anger. But the lyrics are kinda stupid, and I can't get with them but the song is well enough. It's nothing special or all that great at this point. When I revisited the track, after hearing the other singles that dropped I liked it more than my original reaction. Again its not that its particularly. Good, but compared to say the other singles......... You know what I mean. Now when I finally sit down to hear it on the album it ain't terrible, it's not like I'd keep it on my iPod, but if I some how stumbled upon it or just a curious listen I'll revisit it.
  2. Atlas, Rise!: Is this about the book Atlas Shrugged. The third single to drop, and nothing. If anything why not move those double time drums from Moth to this songs refrain or chorus. It's a bit baffling they've yet have any songs that do anything at all. This sounds like it could be a song from Load or ReLoad. I mean like the second that verse riff comes in  it just feels awkward and this song just don't sit right with me at all. I don't know this song just don't jive with me bro. The riff in the chorus reminds me of ...And Justice for All in a good way, but I don't know. This kinda feels like if that album had bass maybe. Also the song could be a bit shorter, in my opinion. I get there's Maiden worship.... but still maybe it should be shorter. To be honest you I felt like the song was over by the 4 minute mark, but we still get two an a half minutes more.
  3. Now that We're Dead: What the fuck am I listening to. Okay I mean, oh cool it sounds like a motor reeving or a motorcycle for all you hog riders. You know what this song is. When you watch a shitty movie from the 80's/90's and they have a motorcycle montage and you get the now a days, cringy tough/badass song.... that's this. Also the vocals reminds me of ReLoad, wait Fuel. Wait do I also hear hints of Search and Destroy in the verses. I kinda wanna kill myself. I also hear hints of Outlaw Torn, but I mean I guess that's there to trick me into thinking this is really cool or badass but you can't fool me. I picked up on that shit. I will never listen to this song ever again in my life.
  4. Moth Into Flame: The second single to drop, I was hoping this would be better than the last one. But sadly it's a very generic and nothing is memorable about it. I can see how "man this is brutal, so punchy. Got that punk vibe that was prevalent on Kill em All", but this song kinda sucks. No really, the chorus lyrics are so awkward and the structure of the song seems off. It doesn't really click. I can't be the only person to not hear a click, now maybe it's Lars... In some live tracks in the deluxe remasters I noticed he... He ruined some of those songs because he was off a bit. But I don't think it's only him, James sounds off too. There's also a weird effect on his vocals and that chorus just, I think they touched his vocals up digitally. I don't really know anytime he's ever really sang, but his harmonies are so tight... Odd. The guitar solo, I don't know, just doesn't really have anything to hold on to. There's no meat to this or those. It just seems awkward. When I got to this track on the album I just went, what that fuck am I doing with my life. I mean nice guitar work I guess.
  5. Dream No More: By the way I was being sarcastic, and when I heard this intro I rolled my eyes and just waited for the sorry that was to come. The riff has a heaviness that reminds me of Sabbath maybe, but more Uncle Acid. Maybe I'm wrong, but I do know I'd rather listen to that Night Creeper album than listen to this. Then the vocals come and I cry a bit on the inside. It's like they took the stupid shit from Load/ReLoad and were like.... well it's been twenty years, so it's retro. Nice inhale, wonder how many takes that took to do. Also this songs too long.
  6. Halo on Fire: This sounds like a title I would have came up with when I was 12 and into Halo. This might be a stupid comparison, but I totally hear Avenged Sevenfold in that riff. As the song progresses I hear some call back to older ballads. The song isn't terrible, but I definitely wont revisit it. Also what the fucks up with these vocals. I do like how parts of the solo remind me of some other guitar player whom I can't think of. I get that this could warent this massive 8 minutes but it isn't epic. You know, I know they still have it in them too.... The Day that Never Comes.
Now on to disc two. I wanna point out a lot of these titles are just..... Cringe. 
  1. Confusion: Am I Evil? If I'm being honest, if the instrument was expanded upon this would work better along the lines of a Call of Ktulu. But instead we get another 6 minutes and 43 seconds of nothing new. Nothing fresh, nothing worth listening to if you're a fan and have heard their past albums.
  2. ManUNkind: What is this a title left over from ReLoad. This also happens to be the only track that features Robert as a co-writer. Everything else was co-written by Lars and James. I don't know how to fell about this other than.... no. At this point I'm so fucking bored. Okay, these fucking songs are so fucking long.
  3. Here Comes Revenge: This song isn't terrible, but again it isn't anything new. 
  4. Am I Savage?: This title seems as awkward as the last songs chorus. You know this kinda sucks, my initial predicition was this will be a long double album. To be honest this could have been cut at track 6. There is also a Megadeth vibe to this track. These vocals also happen to suck.
  5. Murder One: Is there a subtext, did they kill famed music producer RedOne? Nice Fade to Black call back with the distortion on the intro guitar. But nostalgia doesn't work on me. This again is okay I guess.
  6. Spit Out the Bone: Really, Juniors Dad has a far better ending track in it and the last 10 minutes is more or less filler. Yes I dig that track, but I don't think you need to have a ten minute drone on a Metallica record, maybe 3 minutes or 4. Hell maybe 5 if you add to it... I'm getting off topic. What the fuck is this though, really this just kinda blends in with the others. It doesn't feel like an epic ending, it just kinda blends. While I guess the harmonies might be slightly different, this is nothing new.
Overall I have to give this album a 4/10. Okay so I'ma be honest, what the fuck happened. I am a fan of this band, but I remember more songs on St. Anger than I do on this and I just listened to this five minutes ago. Honestly, I kinda remember words that pertain to the titles of the tracks, and certain things that happen (double time) but nothing to where I could play a riff (or want to learn one for that matter) or actually retain anything. Even though I go back and forth with the last [band oriented] record there are still some solid and memorable tunes on it. Like let me stress, I had no pleasure listening to this album at all. Well, other than thinking of way to make fun of this thing. This albums on par with Book of SoulsIt sounds like a lamer, older, awkward version of a once great band trying to still seem cool and creative and epic. But did they really not know to push youself. Instead they made St. Anger 2: Ride the Loaded Lulu to Master 'Em All - The ReBlacked Edition. Experiment! don't go back and what not. The single greatest quote to live by as a musician is, "without deviation from the norm, there is no progression". That is paraphrased and I don't know the originator (I've heard Zappa say it), but who said it isn't important. What is is the fact that you need to grow and master your craft and then grow and leave it. Metallica usually is creative and are willing to try something new. Fuck the fans who are idiots and want the same shit over and over. Show your artists and create. Be willing to sacrifice for your art and don't just give in. Be the Metallica you wanna be, not that your expected to be. Maybe this is where you wanna be, but why try to relive the past when you'll almost never be able to period. It's gone for a reason. Also what the fuck a double disc that's 77 minutes long... fucktards you can fit 80 minutes on 1 CD. I mean I get that not everyone knows this, but you fucking cut some of Outlaw Torn because of the time constraints... You should know this shit. Or do you just wanna say it's a double album/make more money. Well on the bright side, Hilary isn't president..... ;p see what I did there.

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